Strikingly Beautiful.

In Italian, the word Caro means “beloved.” The Caro 74 diamond is indeed beloved for its renowned brightness and beauty. Each incredible stone has 16 additional facets located on its pavilion in order to provide maximum brilliance when compared to a traditional 58 faceted cut diamond. Even the smallest stone in every Caro 74 ring has this unique cut, creating the brightest, most luminous setting available.

An additional feature, the signature “Kiss Diamond” design on the outside of the ring shanks, signifies “unity” when worn together.

Every Caro 74 ring can be ordered in Euro Shank or Round shank in 14k, 18k and Platinum settings. Getting engaged and choosing a diamond is a very special experience for couples. You can feel confident when you purchase a Caro 74 engagement ring that the utmost care has been taken to ensure the quality and exceptional light performance of your diamond. Dazzle and sparkle with a Caro 74 bridal set.