“Each new collection is an adventure created with passion, intensity, and the desire to create a wow response to the consumer.” says John Bagley, the innovative designer of the dynamic jewelry line that bears his name.

And what an adventure it has been!  John began his jewelry career over 30 years ago doing experimental pieces that were inspired by his treks through the American Northwest.   Finding his muse in Native American Indian artifacts, he worked in natural stones such as bone, jasper and agate that he combined with gold and silver.   He saw his jewelry as fetishes that would give the wearer a link with nature.

He soon discovered that traditional bezel settings did not give him the lines he strove for in his jewelry.   Inspired by the idea of creating a seamless look,  he began working in the ancient technique of inlaying stone into metal. The result…world-renowned for his inlay gold and silver jewelry.

It isn’t surprising that John’s jewelry designs have such a free-flowing,  unique flair with many of his creations having an element of the wild and magic of nature in them. He takes much of his inspiration from nature.His own background includes a Master’s degree in Anthropology;  he climbs mountains,  runs, swims, bikes,  and rides motorcycles.

Not content to rest on his laurels, John continues to move forward with new and exciting jewelry designs including his elegant Bridal collection, innovative men’s line, and with wildly rich and colorful creation inlay and colored stone.